segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2009

This week all of us associated with the Voice of Restoration mourn the passing of our pastor's sister in the flesh: Sister Charlotte García Borunda. This small slideshow is presented in loving memory of my aunt Charlotte Garcia Borunda.

She was much loved by Brother William Marrion Branham, and is mentioned many times on tape as one of the "Spinach" girls whose voice graced the famed record that he played over and over again

A faithful wife of Rev. Alejandro Borunda who had a powerful prophetic ministry of vision and discernment, but who subjugated his ministry to the message of the hour. Never did he make a show of the gifts that he had.

They had many struggles, and lived poorly, but she was faithful to stand by his side, and care for her children so that he could dedicate his life to the ministry. Now, more than a decade after Uncle Alejandro's passing, my aunt is together with him once again.

Keep my cousins, Alex Jr, Ernie Sr, Jonathan, and Drucila in your prayers. The hardest thing about this passing was seeing the agony my cousins are going through. May the Lord Jesus Christ be their ever present companion till the end of their days.

The music in the slide show is from a Brazilian pastor from Canoas Rio Grande do Sul by the name of Pastor Virgilio. The lady singing is his wife. May God bless in their ministry. They are the father and mother of Sister Mara, the wife of Pastor Stockmann of São Leopoldo, RGS.

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